Be Smart About Art

Marcus McAllister

Marcus provides artists insights from the perspective of a full-time artist.

Marcus does have a natural flair for developing friends and collectors everywhere and anywhere, and he enjoys passing on insights learned along the way to others.    

He’s become established as a full-time artist of 15 years, in a country whose language he didn’t speak when he first arrived. Not only that, he needed to be able to make a living. He’s an inspiring example of someone who’s made himself from nothing—but perhaps drive, commitment and talent. 

What mentees are saying about getting support from Marcus

“The most useful aspect was the discussion! Working alone and from home, I rarely get to speak with established artists in this way. I often find my local artist network is more competitive than collaborative and therefore uninspiring. Marcus gave me some great tips and helped me find some structure for progression. I look forward to working with him further.”

BSAA Advisors