Be Smart About Art

Debs Henry Pollard

Debs supports you in fulfilling your visions, helping you on individual projects and to shaping your future development. Support includes coaching, developing your Business Model Canvas and more.

Deborah creates an atmosphere to help ideas fly off like fireworks! This is followed by support to turn ideas into realistic projects. Plus, she loves dancing the tango.

She has 30+ years’ experience of creating strategies across the arts, charity and retail sectors. She brings this expertise to helping clients find solutions and experience success.

What mentees are saying about getting support from Debs


“Deborah is one of the most inspirational people I know.  I always come away from my sessions with her feeling like I can take on the world, and as if everything’s possible.   She has a fantastic “joie de vivre” and is excellent at understanding creative people and translating the boring business side of things into a language that a creative can understand and feel inspired by. She has many exciting tricks to use to help you achieve your goals! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

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