Be Smart About Art

Anna Jaxe

Anna will work with you to build on your social media following along with giving you new ideas and techniques to vary the content you post. She has great experience in managing the online presence of individual artists, galleries & art organisations. She keeps her finger on the pulse to be able to share all the most effective and efficient ways to promote oneself as an art professional online.

Anna is a stencil artist in her own right with a focus on portraiture, her artwork often focuses on the accessibility of pop culture and how it blurs social divisions.

She has gained a following of thousands across her own digital platforms. Her street art portraits have been shared on social media by the likes of BBC One, actress Suranne Jones, musicians Tegan & Sara and Peabody Award winner Hannah Gadsby. She has previously featured on BT Sport’s ‘Champions League Show’ and a commissioned large scale mural will be part of a BBC show in 2020.

What mentees are saying about getting support from Anna


“It has been great working with Anna- not only because she understands the art world (being a talented artist herself) but because she is able to assess key digital marketing needs and come up with various options to meet these.  She is knowledgeable, patient, understanding and hugely creative and altogether a lovely person to work with.”

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