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Offering payment in installments: Agreeing payment terms with the client... and creating balance between artist / gallerist Post

I was recently contacted by an art dealer friend, in regards to a problem he encountered when an artist became unhappy in regards to arrangements that had been made by the dealer to accept payment by installments for the sale of a work of art. Issues in regards to the arrangements for and realities of selling art by installments are ...

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Curvy World interviews Susan Mumford: Tips for Emerging Artists Post

Curvy World‘s Editor in Melbourne, Australia,  Nicole Tattersall, interviews Susan Mumford to glean advice for emerging artists who want to reach the international stage. Curvy World: Creatively inspiring, creative women, is a platform where the latest generation of female creative talent can shine. What inspires you about Art & the Business of Art? I have discovered a lack of business ...

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The Design Trust's 'Design Doctor' interviews Susan Mumford Post

The Design Trust's blog spoke with Susan Mumford for expert advice in their very own agony aunt column, the Design Doctor.  "Help, I have a dispute with my art consultant". Read the full article by Patricia van der Akker. An excerpt from the article: I have got a couple of problems with my Art Consultant.  I am a designer maker ...

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'How to: Get artist representation.' Post

Jotta, an online publication "exploring collaboration in contemporary art and design", interviewed Be Smart About Art Academy Founder Susan Mumford on the subject of "How To: Get Artist Representation" on 15th February 2012. Click here to read the article on What did you study? I attained a B.A. in Fine Art at Hendrix College of Liberal Arts in Conway, ...

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