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Stepping stones and opening doors: Building an art career from the ground up Post

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) Once upon a time there was an American painter in Paris. Amy had moved there knowing barely a word of the language. She set to learning French and immersed herself in local artistic circles. The first month turned into six months, six months to a year, a year to five years and ...

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10 Questions Interview with... Artist Gaynor O'Flynn Post

Each month we ask an art world professional 10 questions about their practice. This month we speak with artist Gaynor O'Flynn...  Where were you born and/or raised, and where do you now call home?Lancashire England & now East LondonWhat is your profession?ArtistWhat is your life ambition?To be happy & usefulDescribe your practice in 5 words:I create cross-disciplinary artQ1. What inspired you to ...

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Paying the arts Post

Paying the arts

April 19, 2015

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) Being valued for what you do is a subject close to my heart. In the same way that lawyers and accountants receive financial remuneration in exchange of services, so should artists, dealers, art consultants, teachers and the like.An experience of my own is a good example. A university in London (which I ...

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The explosion of choice in social media Post

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) Social media changes FAST. Remember the days of MySpace? Or Friendster? How about the first time you heard about Facebook or Twitter?You now have a plethora of choices - too many, in fact to be able to use meaningfully. The good news is that you can choose one (or several, if you’re ...

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How to get noticed as a photographer - Art World Webinar (March 2015) - with Zoe Whishaw Post

What's the first thing that photographers need consider, to start getting noticed? How do you decide what to shoot and what bodies of work to develop? Aside from having distinct bodies of work, what do all photographers need to do to get noticed (again and again)? What does branding have to do with the career of photographers in today's world? ...

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Ever think about giving up your art career? Post

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) There’s a little something that very few people have known about me, until now that is; I nearly quit the art world to enter the legal profession. In UK terms, the profession of barrister particularly intrigued me.In hindsight, having a flirtation with another career was an important exercise. I needed to experience ...

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Deborah Henry-Pollard: Business Planning & Creative Entrepreneurship Post

#besmartaboutart Creative Specialist Deborah Henry-Pollard is a coach, mentor and project manager.She works with people in the creative sector, helping them to find and build on their vision.  Her aim is to help "light the blue touchpaper" which sends the creative fireworks into orbit.  She also have the desire that you discover that the skills and imagination which feed your ...

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Crista Cloutier: Coach for Artists Post

#besmartaboutart Creative Specialist Crista Cloutier is a coach for artists.Actively involved in the contemporary art world throughout her career, Crista Cloutier works internationally as a writer, artist, curator, and educator. Until 2007, Crista was the Director of Segura Publishing Company, a collaborative fine art studio headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. In her ten years of leading the company, she collaborated in ...

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Zoe Whishaw: Photography Consultant Post

#besmartaboutart Creative Specialist Zoe Whishaw is a Photography Consultant.Zoe Whishaw is a Commercial Photography Consultant and Mentor providing creative direction and strategic advice for photographers at all stages in their career who want to take their work to the next level. She works on a one-to-one basis with those who need bespoke, objective advice to focus their creative direction and ...

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The Wing Assignment - Case Study with Creative Specialist Deborah Henry-Pollard Post

Nina Farrell is an artist and designer. She had an idea to create something special after receiving a bird’s wing for a personal artistic project. In fact, it generated so many ideas that Nina and her partner, Asa Medhurst, (also an artist and designer), started to encourage their friends and creative contacts to experiment around a brief to create a ...

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